Tax Strategies & Planning

Tax Strategies

Because unnecessary taxes can hurt your returns, we will manage your portfolio with attention to tax efficiency. This can be done through various tax-management techniques, including:

  • Practicing proper asset location (locating assets appropriately within tax-free, tax-deferred and taxable accounts)
  • Harvesting tax losses throughout the year
  • Minimizing short-term capital gains
  • Using tax-managed funds where appropriate
  • Remaining sensitive to mutual fund distribution dates
  • Implementing specific lot identification to minimize realized gains
  • Maximizing the advantages when charitable giving opportunities are desired


Tax Planning

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” We believe proper tax planning is essential to the success of individuals and business owners. We commit to an approach that allows us to collaborate on tax strategy and reduces surprises. Throughout the year, we can help you navigate even the small decisions because we know that collectively they could result in big tax savings. Let us show you how our proactive approach will help you confidently control your resources.

Innovative Investment Partners is an investment and tax consulting firm offering high-net-worth individual clients a full spectrum of income and multi-generational tax planning and compliance services. Our company’s core deliverable is aiding clients in maintaining their wealth and property through responsive and insightful tax and investment planning.